Unser kostenloser Unix Explorer


This is a fully functional beta release of UnixExplorer. UnixExplorer is a RDAS-Module. RDAS is a Java Framework, developed by bourier felix. RDAS stands for Remote Database Application System and its designed for writing java applications. RDAS has a lot of libraries with SQL-Database capabilities and its not especially designed for UEX, but writing a offline Application as UEX much easier than without it. UEX is freeware. You are not allowed to resell UEX bout please copy it.

Deletion - take care files are not moved to trash!

Please keep the following in mind when using UEX. If you delete a file, the file will NOT BE MOVED TO YOUR TRASH, it will be deleted. Whe are NOT IN CHARGE OF files you deleted with UEX. If you choose recurse delete its the same as doing rm -r directory Recurse deletion does not follow symbolic links. You are asked before any deletion action.


The UEX Config is Stored in your .APP Package. There are two config files, a global ex.rc and a personal ex.dat. If anything goes wrong you can delete the ex.dat file.

Package and depencies

This package is optimized for MACOSX 10.4, but it should run on any java capable systems. Its based on JAVA 5.0 so you have to install JAVA on your machine to run this package. We are using Silk icon set 1.3 for all the nice transparent icons you see in UEX. If you want to thank anybody for this search for the readme.html in the images directory or visit Mark James www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk


No malware, no spyware, no backdoors, no viruses, no spam - we hate this guys.


  • recursive copy - CTRLC / menu / popupmenu
  • recursive cut - CTRLX / menu / popupmenu
  • recursive paste - CTRLV / menu / popupmenu
  • recursive delete - del key / menu / popupmenu
  • primitive multiple image transformations scaling - popupmenu on the right
  • multiple image format change jpg/png - popupmenu on the right
  • multiple file renames - popupmenu on the right
  • Application handler - doubleclick files on the right
  • Treview - on the left
  • Image preview - on the bottom left / zoomable, moveable
  • Image Viewer - doubleclick the preview / zoomable, moveable
  • path - on the top
  • direct bash access - by typing a command directly into the path.
    Dont use interactive commands, this will cause UEX to hang
  • console window - representing the commands you used
  • create directory - by typing the new name directly into the path
  • multi rename file/directory - selecting the File and renaming it directly in the path field
  • filesearch in directory - typing in the searched name when filetable is focused

Features not implemented yet

  • Drag & Drop
  • image(s) to PDF conversion
  • cached thumbnailview
  • recursive filesearch
  • more Image transformations like rotate and scale modifiers
  • image borders
  • image titles
  • integrated zip interface
  • .
  • .
  • much more

Download Freeware UEX v0.99 beta MACVersion now!

UEX - UnixExplorer 0.9 beta
(c) by Bourier Felix 2008